Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nine Years and What's Next

Hello again.

It's me...Fred.

Old Girl and I started this blog NINE years ago!

I was a little puppy and had just agreed to let Mr. Jason be my Daddy Figure. We lived in Alabama, and life was grand.



In some ways for the better...

I has me own backyard!

I also has two little sisters.

I will let you figure out which side that falls on. ;P

Anyway, it has come to my attention that Old Girl has not invested the required amount of time to make me an Internet Celebrity, so I have to say that, sadly, I am going to have to let her go. Between her work, school, chasing them bebe children, and not cleaning the house, I think she will find enough stuff to keep her busy.

I is going to insist that she keep up my Facebook page, but this will be my last post here. {Sadness!}

We'll leave the blog up for a bit, and I'm going to work on putting together a little book of my favorite posts. {You can email if you'd be interested in checking out something like that.}

And don't fret! Here are some good things coming...

-If Old Girl DOES HER JOB RIGHT, we can have lots of fun on Facebook.
-I still have my email address, even though Old Girl only checks it about every month or so.
-She'll still be blogging {not very often...ahem} at Four and a Fred.
-And, most importantly, she is going to try to re-connect with you all. YOU guys made us luv-luv-luv blogging in the first place, and it's what we've missed the most in this non-posting period. She'll just be commenting as herself on your blogs now, which I know is not nearly as fun. I might occasionally tell her what to say.


Break out the Kleenex, goodbye to Bichon King, and come see me on Facebook!

Thanks for a great nine years,
Fred, the King of the Bichons

Friday, March 14, 2014

Me First Interview! Introducing Gus (and Teka)

Hello again. It's me...Fred.

Remember ages and ages ago I told you about my plans to do some interviewing? Old Girl finally got it together, and here is our first interview with my friend Gus!!

Gus is a long-time blogger at Go With Gus, and he writes about his adventures with his Muzzer and Teka. He is very handsome {like me}, and his pawrents are the academic types, too. But he and Teka get WAY more walks than I do, so I am super duper jealous of that, Old Girl. 

Thank you, Gus, for answering our questions! I hope to bring you more interviews soon!!

1. Tell us a bit about your blogging. When did you start, and why do you blog?
Fred:  Me and Muzzer started our blog in December of 2005.  Dad was on sabbatical that year, and he and the Muzzer were living in Lexinton VA.  When they found out from the rescue group in the DC/Md area  that I was available they came a LONG way to pick me up, and then we drove back together in the very first Gussiemobile.   Lexington is a lovely little town, and there are lots of nice walks and some great hikes and you can even boat on the Maury river.  Dad was working on a book, but me and muzzer knew he could be corrupted!  On my blog, you can only see back to March of 2006, so our first christmas photos are missing.  We had a great time, and I blogged about most of it.   I will check for some of the first photos and send them to you.  We blogged at first to keep in touch with family and friends in Arizona and Maryland and DC, now we just do it to keep the muzzer busy.  Since then, we have lived in Santa Fe, NM, University City, MO., Tempe, AZ, Memphis TN and now Richmond VA.  Ah...the peripatic life of an academic.  :)

2. What is an average day-in-the-life for Gus and Teka?
Teka gets us all up early EVERY morning, so we are on our first walk of the day by 6:15 ayem at the latest.  That is a longish walk, just close to 1.5 miles.  We come home and have our breakfast, then we let the humans eat and read their papers.  Then muzzer helps me read blogs and now facebook postings, and then we send Dad off to teach at the University of Richmond, and muzzer fritters away her morning with stuff like laundry and cleaning and stuff.  At 11:00 ayem, we go on walk number 2. about 1/2 as long as walk number one.  Then we come back and get treats, and then me and Teka take a nap, and muzzer goes off to voluteer or shop or just walk some more.  She is always home by 3:00, preparing for our next walk, which is at 4:00 unless we can make fools of ourselves and bark and yap and get to go earlier.  Sometimes we take the car and pick up Dad at the UofR and we walk around the lake at the campus, or we walk toward his office if he has the car and he meets us at the one of the elementary schools between our house and his office and we get a ride home.  This is another long walk, between 1.5 and 3 miles.  We all have dinner by 7:00 or so, and then we get our fourth walk at 7:30, a very short one, just about 3 blocks and then back home.  We have another walk, then we snuggle up and help dad work or help Muzzer read a book and we go out for the last time at 10:00 or so.  You might think we are spoiled, but we are in a city row house, and we don't have much yard, and it fronts on a busy street, so the humans knew when they bought it that they were committed to getting us out and walking a lot.  Remember, a tired terrier is a happy terrier!  

3. How are you and Teka alike and different? What can you tell us about your types of terriers?
Well Fred, as you have noted Teka and I are both terriers.  And we probably have more in common than we admit.  We are both active, ready to go and friendly with people.  We are both, to some degree, reactive with other dogs.  Teka is a girl, and I am a boy.  Both of us are good terriers, but Wire Foxes are the BEST terriers.  We recommend that people who want to learn about our types of terriers watch the "Dog 101" episodes (jack russell) and  We think they are a good start.  

4. Why do you say Teka is your nemesis?
Nemesis:  1.  The Greek Goddess of retributive justice   2. Something that cannot be conquered or overcome.

5. Tell us about your relationship with the booty-full Asta! How did you meet? Are their plans for a wedding?
Ahhhh Fred:  I have been most fortunate in my lady loves.  My heart broke when the lovely Miss Snickers died, and Miss Asta was kind enough to comfort me.  From there, our relationship grew steadily, and while there have been some bumps in the road, let me tell you that this sustained and sustainable love has given me strength and courage, and I have learned much from Miss Asta and her Mommi and Daddi.  
We have not ruled out a wedding, but the distance between our domiciles complicates things (a lot!)  Perhaps to bring joy to our later years? 

6. What are your three favorite and least favorite things? (Teka too!)
My favorite things are: 1.  My muzzer, dad and sissies.  2.  My friends from Blogger and Facebook.  3. FOOD!
My least favorites are:  1.  The Vet.   2.  Getting my toofies cleaned.  3.  Miss Teka
My Favorite things are:  1.  My dad  2.  My pal Yeager the Boxer  3.  Taking things away from Gus
My least favorites are:  1.  Gus    2.  Gus     3.  Gus

7. Why do you call your Muzzer by that name?
We call this human female Muzzer because that is what the human sissies call her.  It is from a quote from Tender is the Night.  by some guy named F.Scott Fitzgerald.

8. Tell us about where you live (house and/or city). What makes it a fun place for puppies?
We live in Richmond, VA.  It is a nice city, with nice places to walk, the James River and Pony Pasture to paddle in and lots of people who love to stop us on walks and talk about terriers.  We live in the City, in a detached row house and we get lots of walks.  One of the nicest things is a place called Dogma, which is where we get groomed, and Impoawsible Pets, where our trainer, Miss Valerie has a boarding kennel where they have agility equipment and BONE SHAPED DOGGIE POOLS.

9. Be honest. What do you think about other animals--kitties in particular?
Terriers RULE!  Kitties DROOL.  

10. What haven't we asked you about that you want our readers to know?
Ho Boy....unless we get into our personal bodily functions you haven't left out a thing :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Greenies and Chewy Updates

Hello again. It's me...Fred.

You all know Old Girl is neglectful, but we are trying to get back in the blogging routine and hope to come visit you all at your blogs soon!!

In the meantime, Chewy asked me if I would review some Greenies in exchange, some Greenies.

I has been eating Greenies for a long time. I get one for breakfast and sometimes another for special treats. If Old Girl is teaching me something new, she breaks up the Greenie into tiny little pieces, so I get lots of bites! {She has to use the scissors to cut them, and it is pretty funny.}

Greenies are supposed to be good for your teeth, and they are not hard on my sensitive little digestive system either. makes it easy to have them on standing order, which we do, and for a better price than we find in the stores.

What more do you want?! Four paws up!

New Girl and Newer Girl are not allowed to eat the Greenies, but they are allowed to watch me eat.

{On an unrelated note, what happened to the Mr. in Chewy?! I like titles...says the King of the Bichons.}

Monday, February 17, 2014

Belated Post...Belated Birthday

Hello again. It's me...Fred.

Oh my has Old Girl been neglectful. Can you believe it has been a whole two months since she posted for Fred?! And that long since we have read any of your blogs?!


She tried to make up for it by posting something nice on her blog, but I told her this can only be atoned for by treats and belly rubs...and some more treats for good measure.

I also told her this is unacceptables, so look for a Wordless Wednesday post and some talk about Greenies on Friday.

This is called accountabillies.